mobile app developer

mobile apps.

A custom build smart phone or tablet app can be a big advantage to many businesses, but many don’t know where to start, or think it is too expensive. The cost of this development has become much more afforbale in recent years, as well as much faster to complete custom app projects. There’s a huge range of features, and functions that can be built into an app, including conections to your social media accounts. Why not find out if your app idea would work for your business? Ask us!

web apps.

Website or web app? What’s the difference? Is there a difference? Not sure, let us answer that question for you.

We can create websites and web apps to suit your requirements, quickly and at an affordable price. In a lot of cases, there’s already a plug-in system out there that will do what you need, but finding the right one can be confusing. Talk to us to help you get there.


Flash is dead! HTML5 is here! (actually it’s been here for a while!)

Custom animations can be made to run on any device or computer, and used on any website. These can be from simple animated banner adverts to a full screen info-mercial (is that even a word?)

Anyway, we can make it, so you know what to do, get in touch.


These days, everyone thinks they’re a photographer. The digital camera and PhotoShop has changed this industry for ever. But there’s still times when a business needs truly great photos of product or people, and expert editing.

When that day comes, who ya gonna call?

videos for web.

Everyone watches video online now, and many people expect to see video on a company’s website, but too few businesses have the time or skilled staff required to make it happen. Like digital photography, the DSLR can be used to shoot full HD videos that can then be edited into a mini master piece just for you.

So show off your products, or outline your services with video!


You’ve probably worked out by now that design is also a big part of what we can do. But just in case you haven’t, yes we can also provide design services for print and digital use.

Big or small, long or short, board shorts or business suit, we’re flexible.

Send us a message or call
Greg on 0438 812 008 who has nearly 20 years design, development and programming experience.


gumigumi: we’re located on the gold coast in australia, but hey it’s the internet, we’re happy to work for anyone, any where!